N2N is committed to equipping residents and neighborhood organizations with the tools they need to build strong and vibrant neighborhoods. 


We are pleased to offer the training opportunities listed below, free of charge, to local neighborhood groups in Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County. 


We will work with you to create customized training events that will meet the needs of your neighborhood.


Contact our Leadership Development Specialist, Valeri Otey-Nellis, to schedule your training event today.

Who Me? A Neighborhood Leader?

Explore with your neighbors what it means to be a neighborhood leader and discover the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success.

What Is A Neighborhood Organization?

This is a basic introductory training that helps participants understand the role and responsibilities of a neighborhood organization.

Building Winning Teams

Together we will plant the seeds for relationship building which is the key to building trust, while also exploring the dynamics of what makes a team function well.

Effectively Communicating to My Neighbors

Being able to communicate your vision and passion out loud is a powerful and critical skill. Learn some concrete skills for effectively communicating your ideas and for engaging others in a conversation.

Keeping Cool In Conflict

We will lay the foundation that will help participants to communicate with each other in a way that respects difference, considers principles above personalities, and allows for healthy disagreement while addressing deep-seated issues impacting communities.

Staying Strong Through Recruitment & Retention

Building a powerful base of actively engaged neighbors is a foundation to build energy and momentum for change in your neighborhood. We will look at what makes people join and stay engaged. Critical recruitment skills will be practiced and important strategies will be discussed that keep neighbors involved.

Making Neighborhood Meetings Great

How do we plan and facilitate meetings that are exciting and really engage our neighbors? We’ll talk about the needs of your neighborhood organization and how to build  and facilitate meetings that ensure strong participation, manage competing agendas, and accomplish our objectives.

Mapping Your Neighborhood's Assets

Identifying your neighborhood's assets is critical to a success. We'll dig into what asset mapping really is (and isn't) and learn how to use some tools for using asset mapping and needs assessments together.

Using Community Organizing to Create Change

Addressing issues in the community takes more than stating the problem. We'll examine the elements involved in community organizing and what makes it different from other forms of community action.

Mapping Power for Community Change

The ability to understand relations of power and how power works is fundamental in understanding how to access and utilize that power for the benefit of the neighborhood. We'll take a close look at how power functions in your neighborhood and how it can be utilized to its benefit.

Planning Neighborhood Campaigns That Win

Working directly in an organizing campaign to fight for change in a neighborhood is a powerful tool. You will learn key skills for using campaigns to fight for and win concrete change in your neighborhood.

Should We Try To Obtain IRS 501(c)(3) Status?

This session will examine the pros and cons of securing IRS 501(c)(3) status and look at the basics process for acquiring the status.*

Creating Bylaws for Your Neighborhood Association

Bylaws are the rules of operation for a neighborhood association. These operational rules play a pivotal role in how the association will make decisions and sets the direction for the entity as a whole. Participants will examine the elements required for developing bylaws and discuss critical issues for a neighborhood association. *

The content in this training is offered only as a public service to the community and does not constitute solicitation or provision of legal advice. This training should not be used as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a licensed attorney.


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