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Our Vision
We envision a city of connected communities where residents know their neighbors and work together to preserve and improve their neighborhoods.
Our Mission
We equip residents and neighborhood organizations with the tools they need to build safer and more vibrant neighborhoods.
Our Values


We foster community collaboration to create and sustain healthy neighborhoods, from neighborhood groups and associations to community based organizations, government offices, businesses and faith-based organizations. 

Community Engagement

We strive to facilitate conversations among Nashvillians about what it means to be a good neighbor and live in a great neighborhood.

Empowering Others

We strengthen the capacity of neighborhood-based organizations and supports grassroots leadership through training and mentoring.

Inclusion and Diversity

We recognize that neighborhoods are diverse in nature and have a rich quality of life due to the collective gifts, talents and vision of the residents.

Our Impact

Residents and neighborhood organizations that have utilized our services and programs have reported the following impacts:


Robust neighborhood organizations


Empowered capable leaders


Connected and engaged neighbors


Strong sense of neighborhood identity and connectedness to larger city


Safer and more vibrant neighborhoods

Our Value Proposition
When you support Neighbor 2 Neighbor, you help to make all of Nashville's neighborhoods safer and more vibrant. You help make our city a great place to live, work, and play.
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