A Statement from the Board of Directors and Staff

Over the past eight weeks, Neighbor 2 Neighbor staff and board members have been meeting to discuss the legacy of racism in America and what we can do as individuals and as a nonprofit organization to create positive change and to be a catalyst for change.


We believe that Black Lives Matter. Therefore, we believe that the systems that make it necessary to say that Black Lives Matter must change. 


We believe that Black Lives Matter is a response to the fact that America has been a cruel, selfish, and heartless environment in which people of color have never been regarded by many white people as worthy of even the most basic of human rights.


Police brutality is just one of many manifestations of systemic racism. Systemic racism has been embedded as normal practice within our society. It impacts nearly every facet of life for people of color. And, that includes our neighborhoods where such practices as government-sanctioned housing discrimination, redlining, reverse redlining, demolition for interstate road construction, concentrating environmental hazards, and gentrification continue even today.


We, the Board of Directors and Staff of Neighbor 2 Neighbor, commit to work harder with neighborhood leaders and residents to combat racism, to help eliminate seen and unseen barriers, and to create systems that are equitable and transparent for neighborhoods across Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.


Ronald Douglas, Jr., Chair

Erin Evans

Ross Holmes

Kia Jarmon

Jessica Lee

David McMurry

Kate Monaghan


Ike Nwaelele

Mark Overton

Van Pinnock

Laura Pnewski

Sarah Shapiro

Steve Swartz

Jennifer Tom


James Hawk, Executive Director

Blake Changnon

Tricia Frantz

Valeri Otey-Nellis

What Would You Like to Do in Your Neighborhood?

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