Services & Programs
Services & Programs
Since 1997, Neighbor 2 Neighbor (N2N) has equipped residents and neighborhood organizations with the tools they need to create safer and more vibrant neighborhoods. N2N has helped local residents successfully organize around issues such as crime reduction and public safety, urban blight, green spaces and places to play, diversity and inclusion, neighborhood identity and development, gentrification and displacement, and a wide range of other issues.

We offer training and mentoring services to residents and neighborhood organizations at all levels of development.


c4n Nashville  LEARN MORE

Our annual Conference for Neighborhoods (c4n Nashville) is a one-day training and networking opportunity for anybody who wants to make a difference in their neighborhood.

Neighborhood Leadership Certificate Program  LEARN MORE

The Neighborhood Leadership Certificate Program provides the next level of learning for individuals seeking to amplify their impact. These certificates are designed around key areas necessary for a neighborhood organization's success. The first certificate, launched in 2018, is Neighborhood Organizing Essentials. Additional certificates scheduled for release are Effective Resident Engagement, Neighborhood Strategic Planning, Governance, and Meeting Facilitation.

Neighborhood-Based Training Events  LEARN MORE

We offer neighborhood organizations the option of N2N staff coming to their neighborhoods to provide customized Neighborhood-Based Training Events.

Training for Property Standards Codes Violators  LEARN MORE

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County contracts with Neighbor 2 Neighbor to conduct monthly training for property standards codes violators. The class provides a rationale for property standards, explains what Metro Codes does, provides examples of codes violations, and identifies which agencies with Metro violators may need to contact for assistance.

Mentoring Opportunities

Additionally, our Leadership Development Specialist and Executive Director also meet regularly with individual neighborhood leaders to advise and train for more effective service. For more information, please call our offices at (615) 782-8212.


We create interactive events for residents and neighborhood leaders to develop relationships with other neighborhood leaders, stakeholders, and potential partners.


Quarterly Leadership Gatherings   LEARN MORE

Our Quarterly Leadership Gatherings offer neighborhood leaders the opportunity to meet one another, discuss common neighborhood issues, and hear from key partners.

Business Partner Lunch and Learns

The Business Partner Lunch and Learns provide a venue for our partners to explore what's happening in Nashville's neighborhoods and what can be done to help them flourish.

Good Neighbor Day Festival  LEARN MORE

Our annual Good Neighbor Day Festival is created to inspire residents from across the metropolitan area to be better neighbors and become more engaged in making their neighborhoods safer and more vibrant places to live.


We are frequently contacted by local neighborhood leaders to with work residents on a wide range of neighborhood issues.


Assist with Formation of New Neighborhood Organizations

We are currently working with local residents in five neighborhoods to formally establish neighborhood associations.

Facilitate Contentious Neighborhood Meeting

South Nashville residents contacted us to facilitate a community meeting over a contentious issue impacting multiple neighborhoods.

Assist in the Development of a Strategic Plan

Over the summer we facilitated the development of a strategic plan for one well-established neighborhood organization.

Metro Planning Think Tank

In late summer, we began facilitating a think tank that includes 28 neighborhood and community leaders working to help develop solutions for the metro planning and zoning process.

If you would like to utilize our consultation services, please call us at (615) 782-8212.