• N2N Staff

What Makes Any Transit Plan Neighborhood-Friendly?

Neighborhood leaders from across Davidson County met this past weekend to discuss transit and neighborhoods. The first Quarterly Leadership Gathering of the year was held at the McGruder Center in North Nashville.

During our 2-hour session, neighborhood leaders discussed with one another what questions need to be asked before any policy can be approved. Each leader was asked to identify key transit needs in their own neighborhood and listed to the needs of other neighborhoods across the county.

We also had the opportunity to hear from Faye DiMassimo,Senior Advisor to the Mayor for Transportation and Infrastructure; Feliz Castrodad, Director of Planning & Grants for WeGo Transit; Victoria Payne, Policy Manager for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce; and, Fabian Bedne, Planner, Neighborhood Development, Infrastructure in the Mayor's Office.

Over the next few weeks, N2N Staff will be pouring through the data gathered, continue conversations with other neighborhood leaders, and report back via this newsletter important outcomes from the conversations.


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