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Session Descriptions
Starting a Neighborhood Group
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
What is a Neighborhood Group and Why Start One?
Facilitated by Tricia Frantz, Co-Founder of 12South Neighborhood Association and Current President of Caldwell-Abbay Hall Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood groups provide ways for neighbors to organize and become shapers of where they live and what they want to become as a neighborhood. During this session, we will explore the different types of neighborhood groups and the many benefits of forming an organization. We will also explore some of the steps that need to be taken if you want to have a lasting impact.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
The Nuts & Bolts of Forming a Neighborhood Organization
Facilitated by Yolanda Vaughn, Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist and Former Executive Director of Neighbor 2 Neighbor
There’s no manual for putting together a neighborhood organization--or is there? In this session, we’ll talk about the basic components of and organization and how these parts fit together to make it a well-functioning group.
2:15 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Relationship Building: The Key to Your Success
Facilitated by Mike Hodge, Lead Organizer for Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH)
The strength of a neighborhood organization lies in the strength of the relationships between its members. How can you build them as a leader? How can relationship building become a central part of your forming organization? We’ll look at some very simple things that you can do to build strong relationships within your organization.
Sustaining Your Neighborhood Organization
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
Staying Focused on What Matters
Facilitated by Kate Monaghan, Nonprofit Consultant and Member of College Hill Neighborhood Association
Many neighborhoods today are facing multiple challenges that pull neighborhood organizations in different directions. This session offers approaches on how to plan strategically and stay focused on what matters most.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Tag, You’re It!
Facilitated by Rae Sovereign, Member of Highland Heights Neighborhood Association
Pick me! Hey, I want to do it! If your neighborhood group members are not chomping at the bit to take the reins, this workshop will give you helpful insights into how to encourage and support members to take a more active leadership role in their organization.
2:15 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Don’t Forget to Have Fun!
Facilitated by Ellen Britton and Laura Pnewski, Members of Caldwell-Abbay Hall Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood organizations’ meetings don’t have to be boring. There are many ways to ‘lighten while you enlighten’, proving that fun and business do mix. Join local neighborhood organizers Ellen and Laura as they show how to maximize the effectiveness of a formal meeting while enjoying the proceedings.
Resident Engagement
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
Tools and Strategies for Effective Resident Engagement
Facilitated by Megan Seeman, Director of Email Marketing at Brookdale and Member of The Nations Neighborhood Association
Do you struggle to get people out to meetings? Do you wonder what your neighbors are thinking? During this workshop participants will identify and discuss some of the tools and strategies for effective resident engagement.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Moving Neighbors From Anger to Collaboration
Facilitated by Mike Hodge, Lead Organizer for Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH)
Anger is positive and even necessary in the process of creating positive change. It is often the spark that moves people to action. How we respond to anger and channel it is critical. This workshop will help participants explore ways to turn anger into collaboration that leads to positive change.
2:15 PM     |     PANEL DISCUSSION
Kick-Starting the Local Neighborhoods Movement

Moderated by David Plazas, Opinion and Engagement Director at the Tennessean

Panelists: Gina Coleman, Tricia Frantz, Jim Hawk, Lonnell Matthews, and Nancy VanReece

Beginning in the 1960’s, the movement to organize neighborhoods began gaining momentum. Over the past 5-10 years, the movement has waned. Today, with all the issues facing neighborhoods, there is an increased level of interest in neighborhood organizing here in Nashville. This panel discussion will explore that potential and ways to kick-start the local neighborhoods movement in our metropolitan area.
Making Government Work for Your Neighborhood
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
Metro Government 101
Facilitated by Howard Gentry, Criminal Court Clerk of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County
This session was created to help residents understand how our local government works. We will explore a very brief history of our metropolitan government, how it is organized and functions, and the more common interfaces that exist between government and local neighborhoods.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Is Your Neighborhood Organization Ready for the 2019 Campaign?
Facilitated by Robert Guth, President of The Nations Neighborhood Association
The 2019 Election is an important one for Nashville and its neighborhoods. What role will your neighborhood organization play in this election cycle? How will it respond to candidate requests to speak during meetings? During this session, participants will explore best practices in order to determine their organization’s strategy for the coming year.
2:15 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Developing Winning Relationships with Elected Officials

Facilitated by Angie Henderson, Metro Councilperson for the 34th District and Past President of Belle Meade Highlands Neighborhood Association

Establishing effective working relationships with elected officials is critical to the success of your neighborhood organization. In this workshop, we’ll look at methods for developing positive working relationships with government officials that help your neighborhood succeed.
Planning & Zoning
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
Planning & Zoning: What Every Resident Should Know
Facilitated by Stephanie McCullough, Anna Grider, and Shawn Shepherd of the Metro Planning Department
This session was created to help residents understand the fundamentals of planning and zoning. We've asked the Metro Planning Department Staff to tell us what they think every resident should know about planning and zoning. Questions and discussion will be encouraged.
12:45 PM     |     PANEL DISCUSSION
Altering Community Plans and Zoning Requirements

Moderated by Tony Gonzalez, Resident of Lockeland Springs and Reporter for Nashville Public Radio.

Panelists: Ashonti Davis, Jennifer Hagan-DierWinnie Forrester, and Anita McCaig

During this session, local neighborhood leaders and staff from the Metro Planning Department will discuss the processes and challenges involved in altering community plans and zoning requirements.
2:15 PM     |     PANEL DISCUSSION
Negotiating with Developers: Lessons from the Trenches

Moderated by Tom Cash, President of Hillsboro - West End Neighborhood Association

Panelists: Burkley Allen, Richard Audet, Tifinie Capehart, Twana Chick, and Anita McCaig

Local neighborhood leaders, a Metro Council member, an Urban Planning Consultant, and staff from the Metro Planning Department will share candidly the lessons they learned about negotiating with developers (and neighborhood organizations) through the Metro planning process.
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
Pushed Out: A History of Displacement in Nashville’s Neighborhoods
Facilitated by Dr. Paulette Coleman, a lifelong social justice advocate
Gentrification is not a new phenomenon in Nashville. Like all major cities, the poor and oppressed have regularly been pushed out in the name of progress. This session will provide a historical overview of the displacement, re-structuring, and transformation of Nashville’s neighborhoods.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Gentrification: Facilitating Dialogue

Facilitated by Melody Fowler-Green, Executive Director of the Metro Human Relations Commission

Gentrification has been a source of conflict, confusion, and seemingly competing value systems for transitioning communities across America. It can pit community members against each other and generate dissension amongst leadership, often along lines of racial and economic difference. This workshop provides information, tools, and strategies designed to create positive channels of communication for this sensitive issue.
KEPT: How Neighborhoods Can Keep Their Longtime Residents

Facilitated by Hwesi Zanu, Board Member of Eastwood Neighbors and Contract Grant Facilitator at Neighbor 2 Neighbor

Many residents feel absolutely powerless over gentrification--"It's going to happen and there's nothing we can do about it!" During this session, participants will look at what is needed to keep longtime residents right where they live, and how neighbors and neighborhoods can organize to make it happen. We'll hear stories of neighborhood organizing from across the country.
FROM DESERT TO OASIS: Eliminating Food Insecurity and Poor Nutrition in Our Neighborhoods
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
Do You Live in a Food Desert?
Facilitated by Sam McCullough, Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus of the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Association who has worked at Meharry Medical College in Preventative Research with food insecure neighborhoods across the city
How far away is the nearest grocery store to where you live?  How accessible are fresh fruits and vegetables to your neighbors? This workshop will explore what a neighborhood food desert is and how it impacts the residents who live there.
12:45 PM     |     PANEL DISCUSSION
The Power of Neighbors Working Together
Residents of local neighborhoods throughout the world regularly come together to create positive change right where they live! In this session, we’ll hear from three neighborhood leaders who have successfully organized their neighbors to solve the challenges they faced in their neighborhood.
2:15 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Food Deserts: Developing Neighborhood-Based Solutions

Facilitated by Valeri Otey-Nellis, Leadership Development Specialist at Neighbor 2 Neighbor

We all have a part to play in creating solutions to the challenges we face. In this workshop, participants will go through a facilitated action planning session that they will be able to take back to their own neighborhoods.
Youth Inclusion
10:00 AM     |     WORKSHOP
NOT PROBLEMS, BUT ASSETS: Transforming Our Understanding of Youth and Their Role in Neighborhoods
Facilitated by Joe Farris, The R.E.A.L. of Oasis Center
Do you perceive the youth in your neighborhood a source of possibility or problems? In this workshop we’ll have an honest dialogue to uncover the perceptions and realities that we hold regarding youth; breaking down the barriers to youth engagement.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Youth: Strategies for Inclusion and Engagement (Part I)

Facilitated by Programs of Oasis Center

There are very few if any Neighborhood organizations that have youth actively participating. How do we change that? In this workshop we will examine best practices in getting youth involved and engaged.
2:15 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Youth: Strategies for Inclusion and Engagement (Part II)

Facilitated by Karrissa Deiter and the Maptivists

The Maptivists are a group of young people working to create a comprehensive dataset that will allow for a deeper understanding of youth experience in Nashville. Learn how the youth in your neighborhood can map the assets in your community.
HOA | Homeowners Associations
10:00 AM     |     PRESENTATION
HOA Governing Documents and How They Apply to You and Your Community 
Facilitated by Scott Weiss, Local Attorney at Ortale Kelley whose practice almost exclusively involves community association law and real estate law 
It is important to understand both the By-Laws of your Homeowners Association and the Association Declaration or Master Deed. The language of both documents is often confusing and off-putting. During this session, Scott will act as a translator of legalese and help participants consider how they apply to your community.
12:45 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Selecting a Property Management Company for Your HOA

Facilitated by Sam Coleman, Real Estate Consultant with Fridrich & Clark Realty and President of the Sugartree HOA; and, Kathleen Sutherland, Director of Development and Training for Ghertner & Company

Managing properties that have local, state, and even federal implications is a formidable task. Professional property management companies can help; but there are many considerations to think about: cost, reputation, skills, and professional ethics. Participants will be given guidance to the ins and outs of selecting a property management company.
HOA’s Unite!

Facilitated by Cheryl Mayes, Founder and Principal Consultant at My Toolbox Consulting and President of the Cambridge Forest Homeowners Association

Do local and state laws regarding HOAs seem nonsensical? Maybe some laws governing HOAs need to be changed. How can you begin to do it? How do HOAs unite to become a positive force in shaping their own future? Participants in this session will discuss what change may need to happen and strategies for making it happen.
Variety Pack
10:00 AM     |     PANEL DISCUSSION
Developing Winning Relationships with Neighborhood Organizations
Moderated by Jeff Syracuse, Metro Councilperson for the 15th District, Co-Founder of HipDonelson and Past President of the Donelson Hills Neighborhood Association
Panelists: Van Pinnock, Steve Swartz, and Twanna Chick
This session is primarily for candidates, as well as elected and appointed officials. During this panel discussion, neighborhood leaders will share their perspectives on what it takes to have a winning relationship with their neighborhood organizations.
12:45 PM     |     PRESENTATION
Preserving Green Space in Your Neighborhood

Facilitated by Emily Quinlan, Middle Tennessee Conservation Project Manager at The Land Trust for Tennessee

In this breakout session, participants will find out everything they need to know in order to conserve land in their neighborhoods by using a conservation easement. You will learn how a conservation easement works and what the process is to put one on a piece of land, and examples will be provided of public and private land conservation projects.
2:15 PM     |     WORKSHOP
Creating Your Own Jane’s Walk

Facilitated by Mike Thompson, Project and Evaluation Manager at the Nashville Civic Design

Who is Jane Jacobs, and why is a walk named after her? In this session, you will learn who Jane Jacobs was and learn about the annual international festival of free, citizen-led walking conversations inspired by Jane Jacobs. You’ll also learn how you can start your own Jane’s Walk right where you live!